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Life after death by powerpoint

Positive traits of geekiness?

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Red hand day project / video we use at remembrance day ceremonies now

Our teachers (tubechop clip)

24hour skype

International wolf and carnivore conference

Riverside Class wikis

Grade 1-3 flashmob

Vertical video syndrome

Gr 4-8 Gangham style flashmob

Our risktaking teachers

Hedley lipdub SDML

Other Socialcam examples
**Printcraft collaboration**
Back in Black with Dylan
Our new water fountain

#SAVMP participants

Show me sample
from Student led conferences
Sadie Nov 4 2013


Wednesdays from 9-10pm CST
Manitoba Teachers #mbchat
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9:10 Q1
920 Q2
930 Q3
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950 Q5

Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. CST
Connected principals chat #cpchat

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Why _______ matters ebook
Video's by participants of what matters in education
My video

Letters from the edge
My unplugd letter (to my 30 year younger, new to the teaching profession self)

Makey Makey intro video

makey makey project ideas