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Literacy with ICT connection - Creative thinking - Produce and show understanding

Death by powerpoint

Websites associated with the intro presentation

Sending pics to Flickr via cellphone
Google streetview on Google Maps
Flickr and advance creative commons searching
Facebook hooking up with friends to help you with projects
Dick Hardt Identity 2.0 presentation (hi res version O'Reilly OSCON keynote )

Slideshare for shared feedback and an online place for your preso's and a great place to see expert presentations

Literacy with ICT connection - Ethics and Responsibility

Demo - Getting images online via Flickr and advance creative commons searching
Group activity - find 2 images you can use later with your students that are creative commons licenced images

Innovative presentations with text - Wordle

Literacy with ICT connnection - Creative thinking - Produce and show understanding
Another way to use wordle


Wordle: Sustainable development via

demo - wikipedia search topic - Biotechnology and resulting wordle

Liiteracy with ICT connection - Critical thinking - Gather and make sense

group activity
  • Select a topic
  • Find in wikipedia
  • paste into a wordle at
  • search for patterns / questions to consider

More wordle ideas can be found here

Do schools kill creativity? - Sir. Ken Robinson

Group viewing

Pattie Maes and the Sixth sense (9 min)
Hans Rosling - Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen (16 min)

Professional Learning - On your own

TEDtalks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design

TED Talks as of 10.26.09
25 Incredible TED Talks for Educators
Teaching with TED

TED prize promo

Ted Prize wishes 2009

K -12 Online conference

K12 Online 2009
K12 Online 2008
K12 Online 2007

Other sites mentioned today

Engaging the middle years learner with technology wiki

gapminder - from Hans Rosling
Kathy Cassidy's Classroom Blog

Create a K-12 wiki here wikispaces for teachers

Cool Tools for schools

Ipadio voice from phone to text and mp3 online
Posterous our pictures of talking sticks from today