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We will be looking at the content curation tools Scoop-it, Diigo, Rss feeds and Feedly. as well as JohnÂ’ Evan's scoops, (iPads in education and Professional Learning for Busy Educators). Diigo social bookmarks will be explored and Feedly will be presented as an effective way to read blogs and have information of your choosing come to you. We will also be looking at the Manitoba Professional Learning Environment (M.A.P.L.E)
Intended audience: K-12
Materials required: Bring your own laptop if you have one. Mobile devices also will be useful. We will be in a computer lab in room 212 so there will be computers for you to use if you need one.

Introductory activity

Get out your texting devices
Group Polling with Polleverywhere

Who's here today? formerly known as Wallwisher

Go here to submit your responses

or if you would rather use a mobile device use this QR code
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Overview of

  • Maple


  • Diigo

  • RSS and Feedly

Commoncraft videos

RSS in plain English.png

Hands on session

Request a Maple Account at

Create a account and sign up for John Evan's scoop's
  • iPads in education
  • Professional Learning for Busy Educators

Create a feedly account and import the .opml file I will give you (if you want) with the blogs I'm currently reading. You can then delete the ones you find irrelevant to your needs

Create and set up a diigo account for you to use with the Internet browser you like to use


Flipboard (viewing information on a mobile device) and Airserver (a way to show your phone's contents wirelessly with your students)

Thanks to John Evans for all of his curated content that many people benefit from on a daily basis (including me) . John was unable to Skype in and join us today. Fore!
See John's wiki here