Learning Technologies Sept - Dec 2013
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Welcome to our shared space for the course
Learning Technologies UC.EDU.4034.B1

University College of the North, Thompson, Manitoba

Thanks to Mike Nantais (Brandon University), Zoe Branigan-Pipe (Brock University) and Rynn Redekopp (University of Manitoba)
for their initial assistance in the development of this course.

Lesson 1 - Monday Sept 9th

Mile 20 - Wk of Sept 16th

Lesson 2 - Monday Sept 23rd

Lesson 3 - Monday Sept 30th

Lesson 4 - Monday Oct 7th (rescheduled to Wed Oct 9th)

Lesson 5 - Monday Oct 21st

Lesson 6 - Monday Oct 28th

Lesson 7 - Monday Nov 4th

Lesson 8 - Monday Nov 11th (rescheduled to Tuesday Nov 5th)

4wk practicum Nov 18-Dec 13th
Lesson 9 - Monday Dec 9th

Site visit École Riverside School - confirmed, Friday Nov 8th am

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