modelled after "identity 2.0" by dick hardt

Hypnotizing chickens preso (thanks to @dkuropatwa and @joevans for the original work with me on this)
embedded video
chicken hypnosis
tedtalk how bacteria talk part 1 Bonnie Bassler
Don McMillan Life after death by powerpoint

Course outline overview

Literacy with ICT across the curriculum overview

Self assessment of ICT Literacy Self assessment of pedagogy with ICT (Note: these are old self assessment rubriks)

Padlet (formerly wallwisher)our shared space, reflections of what I would like to get from this course

Slideshare search for creative presentation ideas

Like this one using napkins on USA health care

What teachers Make? by Chris Kennedy Culture of Yes blog (Vancouver, BC)

original inspiration "What teachers Make" - poem by Taylor Mali

For next class
  • Briefly read Manitoba Education's Literacy with ICT documentation
  • Assignment #1 - Complete and hand in your LwICT self assesment rubriks
  • Assignment #2 - Create a ifyoudontknowYOU 3-4 minute presentation
Remember to tell your story
Include an attribution page
Be mindful of copyright requirements (use creative commons photos)
Use my model above, one you find on slideshare , or one you create yourself
Remember the points discussed in our "hypnotizing chickens" presentation
  • Assignment #3 - Create a visual presentation using images (length 5-10 minutes) that reflects on your time spent at mile 20
  • Read Scott McLeod's blogpost Struggling with educators' lack of technology fluency and the comments. Come to class prepared to discuss.
  • Assignment #4 - Create a gmail account and send me an email with your gmail email information